Emma Watson during sunshine reunion with boyfriend

Given the chance of a reunion with her boyfriend in the Caribbean, Emma Watson might have been expected to manage at least a smile.

But despite the sunshine, and the company of financier Jay Barrymore, the Harry Potter actress had a permanent face like thunder.

Perhaps she had been having difficulty explaining why she was pictured recently enjoying an evening out in New York with a fellow student who happens to be a glamorous Spanish rock star.
Emma Watson
High dudgeon in Jamaica: Emma Watson gazes off into the distance as boyfriend Jay Barrymore lays beside her

Emma Watson
Grim: Watson looked like she would have rather been anywhere but in Jamaica

Miss Watson, 19, is taking a degree in art and literature at Brown University, an Ivy League institution in Providence, Rhode Island, while 26-year-old Mr Barrymore remains in London.

Given a five-day break for the Thanksgiving holiday, she met him in Jamaica at the weekend for what many observers felt could prove to be 'make or break' for the couple's 18-month relationship.
Emma Watson
Cooling off: The Caribbean waters fail to lift Watson's miserable mood as she frowned

Judging by her expression, the smart money is on 'break'.

The actress, who has built up a fortune of more than £10million playing Hermione Granger in the Potter films, began her degree course two months ago.

Last week, the Daily Mail pictured her smiling at an ice-hockey match with Rafael Cebrian, a second-year student who plays in a Spanish band called the Monomes.
Emma Watson
Cheery: Miss Watson with Spanish rockstar Rafael Cebrian on November 21