Once Upon A Time

Always wear cute pajamas to bed, you never know who you will meet in your dreams!

"Some Days You Just Feel Like A Princess"

What fun it has been to decorate a little girls room once again! My inspiration was drawn to this quilt! I love bright cheerful colors! The colors in this quilt and the fabrics on the windows are very bright!

Now, if we could just get Brianna to sleep in her BED! I am still working on the drapes, I'm going to put more tole fabric on the top of the valance!

The columns have lights with a little light switch , Brianna's favorite part of the bed!

A little detail of the drapes I made. I found the fabric at Hancock Fabrics when they were going out of business, I was excited to get it all for 70% off!

Grandma Lynna made the adorable letters, covered with scrapbook paper and charms for Christmas last year!

I found these in Utah at Quilted Bear! They would be easy to make, I was glad to find them, the colors match great in Briann's room!

I purchased two of these night stands at a Garage Sale in my neighborhood for 10.00 each! I painted them and found the pink handles at Oak Tree! The tables were in pretty good shape!

I painted a border around the top with wood flowers that I found at Michaels for .99 cents a flower! They actually had hooks on them, my boys helped me take them off! Brianna helped me paint the flowers! We also put wood letters "Once Upon A Time" in the border. The green leaves are a stencil! I finsihed the painting before we moved in, so I wouldn't have to move any furniture or her bed around

We found this Bed in San Diego when we were in the construction phase of our home! It has lights in the Headboard columns that Brianna loves! It was a splurge! After four boys, I decided it was about time to bring on the Fairy Castles! Brian was a good sport! I just reminded him it's about the same cost of four Sand Rail Tires! Right? :)

This is the chair that I slip covered with the left over

fabric from the windows! I still have one more chair to finish!

This is what the chair use to look like! Grandma Alice (Brian's Mom) gave us the chairs, they were brand new chairs in 1986! (Actually they were brand new when Brian and I got married!) These are chairs from a decorating project from their Family Room for our Open House/Reception! I was excited to recover them! The construction of the chairs are in great shape! I am still working on a few more projects for this room and then I am going to move on to five more! I still have a Teepee to make!