Christmas gift suggestions

Gifter, before you decide to buy something for you friends, neighbor, families or relatives, beware what you are about doing may hurt your recipients. While this statement seems harsh and you have the best intentions that you wish your recipient well but some of the ideas we are about discussed here are actually nightmare and just do much harm to your recipients than bringing up Christmas joy! Therefore we recommend you that stay away of our list of six horrible gift ideas that we are about to discuss:

That Give a "Clever" Hint to a Recipient's Problem : For this idea you actually tell your recipient that they have some problem that they need to make a change in their life. While we think it is a polite way of telling them but it actually causes more pain and trouble than it is worth. For instance, gifts such as books for losing weight, an audio book on helping them with their memory or even a book to teach them how to find a right guy or girl. When your recipients receive your gift, they may just think you are calling them fat, dumb, or a person just cannot meet good people for relationship. While you may not have this type of intention but some of your recipients may just feel this way. So these types of gifts will just cause pain and depression than the opposite of what you hope for.

No Thought On Your Gift : Well, for this type of idea, you may just do not give at all instead of giving away anything that your recipient don't even wear or cannot use at all. Things such as body jewelry that the recipient don't have ear pieced on, buddha T-shirt for a Christian or a bottle of wine to a Hep B patient are just few examples we come with. If you don't show heart in your gift why bother to give away in the first place? Those of which you called friends may just appreciate it.

Extremely Large Coffee Table Books : The thought behind this type of gift is usually giving an impression of the larger wrapped of the gift is the more value it has and therefore it will make the recipient happy! Well we have to admit booking can be a great gift, but if you can give a regular sized or a pocket sized one, the recipient may be even happier!

That the Recipients Cannot Give away or Exchange We all want our recipients to love our gifts but we cannot 100% guarantee that we get it right! So please do not give a present from a shop that does not even exist in the recipient's part of the country unless you sure they want this type of item. Otherwise your recipient will potentially get angry and disappointed.

What You Have Given in the Previous Year We realize we are all busy and sometimes we have just forgot a holiday or special : occasion and find ourselves desperate in getting one. We just know we don't have time in shopping and what we do is looking around what we have bought last year and just repeat the same gift to the same person! The problem is after the fact for doing so, you are immense with the guilt that you feel afterward. We thought, every action you did always had a cost. So think twice before you are doing it.

"Fake" Gifts : When talking about "fake" gifts, I don't mean that they products themselves are replica of famous brand but those "gifts" are actually what you want rather your recipient would like. In doing so, you hope your recipient will give your gift back to you, because they don't like it! Well, this is really horrible and in fact this type of trick will backfire on you, so don't do it! If you want it for yourself, then just purchase it and don't fake it with your wrong intent of giving in the first place! At last, as a golden rule, buy for others then buy for you as well and your recipients and you will be happy!