Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone!
So Happy to be with you all!
 April is moving by way too fast!
What a busy month it's been!
We've been doing a lot of Re-Organization!

Amongst the organization, I couldn't reisist a few more carrots!
Just like Pumpkins.....Carrots can also be addicting to CREATE!
It all started with the polka dot carrots in the previous post.
I love the bright orange fabrics, which can easily be made from your fabric scraps.
Who can resist the colors of spring along with a few polka dots?

I've made my carrots larger this time around with green rick rack and ribbon trims.
A great addition to Easter decorating!
I found the green leaves at Walmart!
I cut my carrots into a cone shape (two sides placed right sides together).
Gather the top with green rick rack.  Add a few ribbon trims.
I use my glue gun to secure the leaves into place.
Super easy to make.

Spring is beautiful!