The 20 most pointless & ridiculous designer accesoires ever

1 - Karl Lagerfeld-designed 12-iPod Fendi carrying case

1. Fendi 12 IPod Carrying Case by Karl Lagerfeld

Damit, Karl! Get a laptop! It will hold all your MP3 when you travel.

2 - chanel-trashbag

2. Chanel Trashbag

You wanna be in style when carrying out the trash.

3 - lv-trash-bag

3. Louis Vuitton Trashbag

In case you ever run out of Chanel trashbags...

4 - chanel football

4. Chanel Football

Ladies don`t play football and football players don`t wear Chanel.

5 - Chanel segway2

5. Chanel Segway

I can`t help picturing Victoria Beckham riding this thing in her private garden so she can wear her tight pencil skirts & killer stilettos 24/7...just can`t decide if I should laugh or to cry about this picture...

6 - lv-A Mini Trunk dedicated to Caviar Tasting

6. Louis Vuitton Caviar Tasting Mini Trunk

Because you`re not gonna eat your caviar from other people`s cheap plates!

7 - Chanelboomerang

7. Chanel Boomerang

A daily necessity.

8 - hermes apple holder

8. Hermes Apple Holder

Important because apples are valuable, fragile and difficult to transport.

9g LANVIN coloured pencils box 400 euros

9. Lanvin Colored Pencils Box

400 Euro bargain

9 - lv single Wine Glass Holder

10. Louis Vuitton Single Wine Glass Holder

To come next season: the Louis Vuitton Single Wine Glass Holder - Holder

9a gucci eraser with its own leather holster

11. Gucci Eraser (comes with it`s own leather holster)

Something to match your Lanvin pencils...

9b lvcoffin

12. Louis Vuitton Coffin

Being dead is no excuse for not being in style!

9c DG Junior Swimming Ring in Leopard Print

13. D&G Junior Swimming Ring

It`s never too early to spoil your kid rotten. (The kids in the picture are laughing about the poor sucker kids with no-name swimming rings.)

9d Prada set square 270 dollar

14. Prada Set Square

Retails for only 270 Euro.

9e gucci-dog-toy

15. Gucci Dog Toy

This will make the other dogs feel poor.

9e lv-chopsticks

16. Louis Vuitton Chopsticks

Absolutly necessary! It`s not like chopsticks are given for free in restaurants.

9f dior homme toothpaste holder

17. Dior Homme Toothpaste Holder

Who said your toothpaste didn`t have to match your outfit!?!

9f Prediction cards by Marc Jacobs

18. Marc Jacobs Prediction Cards

Because Marc Jacobs knows EVERYTHING!

9g sky hd decoder by fendi

19. Fendi Sky HD Decoder

It will make everyone in your TV look like supermodels.

9h gucci-ice-cube-trays

20. Gucci Ice Cube Trays

Make sure you drink up fast so others will see your Gucci ice cubes!

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Which is the most pointless accessoire? Which one would you buy for yourself or as a gift?