Teacher Appreciation Week

It's time to thank our teachers! My boys have great teachers, they are kind, loving and dedicated teachers. We have decided to give our special teachers five days of gifts with thoughts! Of course, we put their gifts in "A Bag of JOY". Some of the gifts we chose to put in the interior pockets of the bag are:
Monday- Hand written Thank you note
Tuesday- Slipper Socks- " No one can fill your shoes"
Wednesday- Chocolate candy- "You are so sweet"
Thursday- Candle in decorated Terra Cotta pots- "You light up my day"
Friday- Box of crayons- "You color my world"!
My boys had fun wrapping each gift and writing on the tags. A big THANKS to TEACHERS!
We appreciate you!

PS. My sons' class is going on a field trip to Sea World this month, my son had big smiles when I showed him the fish fabric! Oh, the joy of fabric! =)