Christmas Image Swap #2

Anyone care to participate in a Christmas image swap?

Here are the details:

Comment on this post if you want to swap images with a partner.

Please email me at with the following information:

Mailing address
Email address
Blog url if you have a blog
PCP url if you don't have a blog

Send your partner a minimum of 5 stamped Christmas images on white card stock. If possible, don't ink your image with dye ink. Some sort of permanent ink lik Stazon or any brand of pigment ink is preferrable. They are more compatible with different coloring mediums.

If you don't receive your image from your partner, you will need to contact your partner via email.

Please be courteous and do send your images as promised to you partner. I've participated and organized swaps and I've had swappers express their disappointments in not receiving their item from their partners.

Anyway. . .if you want to participate, comment below and send the info I requested via email. Please comment and email your information by June 10. After June 10th, I will provide your partner's information to you and from there you will work with your partner on determining what images you prefer if you do have a preference.

Hope you'll play along!