I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends!

Welcome to my dear friend named Kilz! I have come to love Kilz, a latex primer that works great for so many painting projects! It has become my best friend when restoring WALLS and FURNITURE from dark permanent markers and crayons and everything else!

This dresser has had some rough years with my little boys. My boys have colored on it, and have also put stickers and of course engraved their name! The picture doesn't show you all the crayola marks, inside the drawers are some painted masterpieces!

I decided to take it over and I painted it black with off white for the drawers! I'm going to do some decorative painting on the drawers. I now use it in my sewing room! The boys have bigger closets with a lot of shelves, so good bye to dressers!

I also covered it with a thick glass that you can easily have cut to size from any glass or hardware store! I also added one of my pieced quilts underneath the glass! My new dresser works great for organizing fabric and I love the glass top!

You can change your fabrics and also use pictures and other seasonal decor under the glass!
Kilz works well for many projects! I rarely sand down furniture! Happy Painting!