A Little Apple Inspiration

Welcome Friends!
A little Apple Inspiration for you!
You're the APPLE of my eye!
(Carmel Apples are from Country Living)

There is something wonderful about apples!
I'm inspired by the color, shape and beauty!
Apples go with everything!
Apples reminde me of Fall. 
 I miss seeing Johnny Appleseed coming home in my
kids backpacks!

Do you decorate with Green Apples?

I love green Apples with Pumpkins!
It seems, I can't display a pumpkin without a green apple.

Green apples are a easy accessory to decorate with.
The color makes them WONDERFUL!

Yellow Lemmon are great too!
Fall is so exciting!

Do you love Green Apples?
Do  you love the smell of Apple Pie Candles?
I feel new energy!

I have something to share with you next week!
(More Back To School)
PS.  The Back to School Fairy did arrive, it was GREAT!