Links a la Mode - this week`s 20 best blog posts voted by the Independent Fashion Bloggers

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+ Clothes: Top 5 Retailer Magazines: Where you can get the best editorial for FREE!

+ Cosmolawlitan: The Poignant Legal Issues About Children Fashion Models

+ designer purushu: Being a Model is not so Glamorous

+ Dramatis Personae: DIY: How to Make a Cork board Jewelry Frame

+ Dress Code: High Fashion: Vivienne Westwood and Photographer Jurgen Teller campaign for a Better World.

+ Fashion. Beauty. Feminism: Letting go of Pretty

+ Fashioned by Love: Faces of Fall 2011

+ Fashion Isha: You Asked – FASHION-ISHA Answers: Dressing for Your Body Type

+ Girl Loves Color: Women Wear the Pants

+ Independent Fashion Bloggers: Come to the IFB Conference NYC at Milk Studios, Joe Zee Keynotes

+ Kyotomaiko: Notes on readership

+ La Rogue: V Magazine is Pro-Choice

+ Miss V Viki: Inside Restaurant Artner

+ Studded Fantasy: Tangerine Tales

+ Stylebizarre: Work from home? Blogging it’s totally not.

+ Tickle Me Chic: The Cats Meow

+ The Styling Dutchman: What’s Her Face, Dolores Haze: the Humbert Humbert in All of Us.

+ The Taxonomy of my Wardrobe: The Creation Of Order.

+ The Vintage Traveler: Know Thyself