Links a la Mode - this week`s 20 best blog posts voted by the Independent Fashion Bloggers

+ Alex Drake Vintage: 10 Things I Like About the 1980s

+ Angela Osborn: 6 Lessons Learned from Coco Chanel

+ Any Second Now: Heartfelt lessons and thanks in this first year of blogging.

+ Beautifully Invisible: We Are Women. We Are Beautiful. We Are Real.

+ Beyond Fabric: On personal style and individuality—because redundant is the last thing you want to be.

+ Blah Blah Becky: Proof that it’s always worth trying a trend: cropped tops without muffin top.

+ Boheme Noir: Fashion Show Coverage: Roberto Cavalli S/S 12 Menswear

+ Bubbling with Elegance and Grace: Fashion Designer Exhibitions: Is this the new trend?

+ By Anika: Closet check: Do your clothes make you feel good about your self?

+ College-Style: #Trending in Milan: Using Twitter to keep up with girls’ and guys’ fashion #trends

+ Divergent Musings: Five ways that blogging has improved my life (it can improve yours too)!

+ Grit & Glamour: Worker V:2.0 (Ode to the Pencil Skirt)

+ Hippie Lace: You Cast Your Spell On Me: Spell & The Gypsy Collective

+ Idee Fixe: Kindness: A Tale of Kindness, Generosity, and a Vintage Coat

+ KP Fusion: In the business of blogging, is style really subjective?

+ My Orange Stilettos: Just because you’re short doesn’t mean you can’t wear a midi.

+ Oranges and Apples: On “going out” clothes and sexual attractiveness.

+ Seamstress Stories: Boundaries on body confidence and a culture of bonding through body bashing.

+ Style Sizzle: 10 fashion lessons learned from living in the desert.

+ The Stylish Butterfly: The advantages of being the worst dressed—it works for Helena Bonham Carter!