Dear all

Dear stitchers.

It's been a long, long time since I updated this blog and I apologise. It got very out of hand with hundreds of stitchers wanting to join. We were actually well over the maximum number of authors Blogger allows and I couldn't add anyone else.

Neglect has whittled the numbers right down though and I have just gone through and deleted all authors who haven't posted in the last six months. This leaves a very select few and we're open for new contributors again.

I apologise if I have deleted you as an author and you still want to contribute. Please understand that the number of authors was huge and I had to make a decision on who was still active. If you've been deleted because you haven't posted recently, but would definitely like to post in the future, please email me.

If you'd like to join for the first time, please also send me an email. However, please ONLY join if you are intending to post pictures of your Christmas ornaments. This is supposed to be a SAL and the idea is to encourage each other. If you just want to follow us feel free, but I would ask you not to email me and ask to join. I don't expect all authors to post every month, but authors must post every six months or so or else they will be removed to make room for other more active people.

I hope you understand. I've had emails from people wanting to join and couldn't add them so had to delete inactive posters. If you do want to post and be active, please just let me know. If you've emailed me recently, please try again now! Thanks for reading. Nicki x