The Style of Kate Lanphear

The australian Kate Lanphear, current Style Director of US Elle, is one of the coolest Fashion Journalists these days. She is therefore always photographed by Streetstyle Bloggers during Fashion Weeks. Let`s take a close look at the components of her style.


Goth / Punk Look:wearing a Slayer shirt, biker jacket, skinny pants and aviator sunglasses to a Chanel Show - how cool is that!?!


Leather: notice how she carefully only wears one piece of leather per outfit - very good!


Black: all-black outfits.


Black & White: the classic, chic & timeless combination that works always & everywhere.


Platforms & High Heels: Kate is known for her extravagant shoe-choices. Awesome!


Silver jewellery: she wears spikes, rivets & chains, originally hailing from Gothic, Punk or Rocker looks and mixes them. Wearing many of them works but notice how she wears them only at one spot of the body, so chose carefully; either bracelets or necklace / chocker.


Sunglasses: the eternal Must-Have for all Fashionistas. Note how she picked Designer Sunglasses without a visible logo!
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What is your favourite element of Kate`s style?