Hello Monday!

Hello Monday......Spring is beautiful!
The temperatures are warm, the birds are singing, the skies are blue,
beautiful flowers are blooming!
My little daughter was marking her calendar yesterday with up and coming
events.  She quickly reminded me...... "It's The First Day Of Spring!"
I love her excitement for Spring!
Children are wonderful, they fill our world with Seasons of JOY!
Today on her calendar is a Teddy Bear Picnic.
She's been counting down for this fun day!
A beach towel, snacks, and a cute Teddy Bear are in the back pack!
What fun to be a First Grader!
I still remember my First Grade Teacher, she was a favorite!
My boys are excited for Spring Break and so am I!

I'm starting a new pattern! It's the baby doll bunting!
I love this pattern because it is filled with several fabrics.
You can welcome any season of colors and patterns.
I favor the bright and cheerful Spring and Summer colors for this pattern.
I will let you know when I have it completed!

We are going to make some of these during our Spring Break!
So simple, so pretty! 
I'm going to use the flameless tea lights.
I'm going to fill the glasses with Jordan Almonds and chocolate Easter Eggs!
(I found the idea from Good Housekeeping Easter Crafts.)

"Here's the votive's version of Easter finery: these enchanting assemblages, crafted in seconds and guaranteed to dress up any holiday table. All you need are candles, ribbon, gerbera daisies, cordial glasses, and double-stick tape. Affix a length of ribbon around the metal rim of the votive. Snip off almost the entire stem of the flower, splay out the petals, and insert into the glass. Top each daisy with a lit candle. For a twinkling effect, place a glass at each setting."

Enjoy your beautiful Spring Day!