Renee's Crafty Plans

MAGNUM: Fast, soft, chunky goodness.

Hello crafty ladies! I am Renee, who blogs at renee's wardrobe relief. On top of being in the Crafty Christmas Club, I am also a member of the Crafty Slackers Club. BUT, this year I am going to try extra hard! Today I bought some amazing wool to make a skirt for my mom.
I don't know about you guys, but shopping for mom is the hardest thing ever. My mom is hands down the chic-est, most put together woman I know (we are opposites in this regard). This is why I am making her the simple high-waisted skirt from Vogue 8604. In CAMEL. Did you guys hear that camel is the new black? PSHHT. I hate camel on me, but my mom freaking loves it. I am going to make her a cute little belt to go with it. We'll see if she wears it!

Other crafty presents I am planning will probably have a lot to do with Cascade's Magnum yarn. (see top photo) It is the best. The real bummer is the price tag, but you can make a really long scarf in 1 skein. I have also made amazing hats with this.

More craftiness to come very soon! + I have a delicious treat to share with you all in time for thanksgiving!