Easy, quick hair clips

Hello everyone!
You may remember the advent bunting I posted about last week. Well, making the bunting is one thing - getting 24 little things to fill the pockets is quite another (particularly if you don't want to spend a small fortune). Here is a quick and easy project that is perfect for little (and big!) girls.

(these would also make good stocking fillers or add a little something to a little girl's present - I am going to include some for each of my nieces to go with the dresses I have made them - blogged about here)  

You need:
some plain hair clips
some ribbon or trim (at least as wide as the hair clips) 
felt flowers, buttons, bits of lace to decorate
glue - I use a glue gun with hot glue which I like as it is quick and sticks fast. Other glues would probably work too.

Take a hair clip and open it (as above)

Take your ribbon and cut a piece about 2cm longer than the hair clip (the clip will go in the middle and 1cm of ribbon will bend over at each end - see below)

Place a dot of glue at each end of the ribbon - around where the hair clip will go. You do not want to glue the whole length of the ribbon as otherwise the glue will go through the holes in the clip  - a good blob at each end should hold the ribbon firm.

Once the glue is on the ribbon place the hair clip top side down (still open) on the ribbon and bend over the ends of the ribbon and press firm to stick.

Below is how the clip will now look. Keep the clip open until the glue has dried to prevent any surplus of glue sticking the clip together (sort of defeats the purpose!)

Once the glue has dried ( a couple of minutes for hot glue) you can turn the clip over and it should look something like this:

If you have used a pretty trim you may choose to leave the clip as it is. Otherwise a further dollop of glue and a pre cut felt flower or button (or both) can give you something like this:

or a ruler ribbon and pencil button can give you something like this:

The opportunities are endless!

If using as a present I like to put them on to a bit of card which you can also decorate or personalise with a photo.

Hair clips - tick. Next up, still for the advent pockets are hair bands like the one below - more on that next time!! xx