Llamas come to Sunset Hills, see Lighted Christmas Balls

Jonathan here: Mama Llama writes a blog titled Little Llamas. She's also a raving fan of the Lighted Christmas Balls. After a long day chasing her own little llamas around the house, here's how she likes to relax:

"I recommend making some hot cocoa...putting a Christmas CD on in the car...blasting the heat and rolling down the windows...and enjoy the Magic!
She authors the Little Llamas blog and you can read what will probably be the first of many blog posts and photographs right here.

I like her blasting on the heat and rolling down all the windows idea.  We did it a little differently when our kids were little.  We played a game that went like this: It's really, really cold and we're going down the road and one of us says to the other, "so, you think you can stand the pain?," and which ever of us accepted the challenge would unroll his window and stick his bare hand outside. Followed by the one who made the bet. Suffice to say that experiencing 30 degrees farenheit at 45 mph for 10 minutes and you can probably take getting your teeth drilled with no Novocain. 

Hey, Grace Community Church has about 40 Lighted Christmas Balls lit up, thanks to Allison, Clay, Gardner, Johnnie, Justin, and Scott.  Why don't you put all your friends in your car, head on over to 643 W. Lee Street, and challenge your passengers to a little friendly game of freeze your fingers off.