Kangana don't have time for boobjobs

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut don't have time for boob, ass or lip job

Kangana Ranaut is one lucky girl. While most Bollywood hotties are spending millions to get the prefect pout by going under the knife, all Ranaut has to do is eat a certain type of prawn. Rubbishing the rumours about her lip surgery she told a leading daily, "Every time I eats it, my lips swell up to an eminently pout-worthy size."

And while all this happens her stunning face remains as radiant as ever. Try and probe her bit further and she says angrily, "Yeah, you will hear that I’ve got my lips, my b**bs, my a**, all plumped up. But all those people who say that, don’t realise what it is to get such a drastic thing done, especially when you are that young, and don’t even have the time for it.”

And after a pause, she had added, “Though, right now, I don’t know how many tucks and surgeries I will need when I’m old.”

The 22-year-old actress says that balancing controversies, heartbreaks and career has not been an easy ride but insists that she has learnt her lessons. She believes single women shouldn’t be allowed to marry, unless they earn enough to sustain a family.

“Women — teens, single, married, mothers — should fight ill-treatment by the opposite sex then and there, to avoid a similar experience again. In metros girls are very independent, conscious and aware. But in the interiors of our country where education is not given importance, they continue to be oppressed,” she says.

Serious talk from someone who insists she’s too young.

“Well, I’m still too young, you see,” she insists. “I’ve never said I didn’t want to be an actor. I wanted to, but knew it’s not a cakewalk. Acting is not MBBS — there are no textbooks, no written tests that you can sit for, excel in and get a degree. In the film industry, there’s no rulebook. In fact, before an exam, one knows what one has missed reading, and should have known, to get the right marks. Here, you don’t even know if you’re going wrong!”

When she became a known face, there were discussions on how ‘small town girls’ have made it big in B-town, probing her background, her home town in Himachal... “Let people say whatever they wish to. It’s a beautiful place,” she explains.