Christmas Blessings

From The Heart!

Inspired by a favorite Heart Christmas Tree Ornament stitched with "Christmas Blessings". I decided to make heart Christmas Tree Ornaments! I'm going to use these cheerful hearts for an ornament gift exchange--Young Women's activity ( youth church group) You will also find them on my Christmas Tree!
Gather your favorite Christmas fabrics or to make it simple use jelly roll fabrics (2 1/2" fabric stips). I'm using my favorite Christmas fabrics(Peace On Earth) from Moda. I also chose ribbon with expressions of HOME, FAMILY and CHRISTMAS!
The directions are simple!
1. Sew several jelly roll (2 1/2") strips together-1/4 inch seams.
2. Press all seams in the same direction.

3. Place a heart pattern(approx. 8" X 10") on the fold of the jelly roll strips and cut out as many as you choose to make.

4. Choose ribbons with character and charm!
5. Apply ribbon with "no sew" hem tape. Remember to use "wool" setting on your iron. If you've never used the hem tape-follow manufacturers directions.
6. Fold ribbon in half and place in center of heart between the two fabrics right sides together.
7. Sew right sides together. (I used a coordinating fabric for the back of the hearts, so you can get several hearts out of your jelly roll strips.) Sew completely around heart, you do not need to leave a opening for turning (you will do that in the next step).
8. Cut a slit in the back of the heart, this is where you will turn your heart.
9. stitch the opening by hand after you have stuffed your heart with poly fill stuffing.

10. Embellish your heart with ribbon, buttons, lace or what ever you choose.
HOME is where you hang your HEART! Have a very Merry Christmas! "Blessings" to you!