Lighted Christmas Balls showing up all over the U.S.

Only a true geek would check the web visit stats to Lighted Christmas Balls. Since one week ago Saturday 11/14, lighted Christmas balls has had seventy visits, courtesy of a new friend, Alex, at, in San Diego. Alex has been making a similar but different Lighted Ball to celebrate Christmas many years. Starting out in Roanoake before taking the sparkleballs to Chapel Hill, she's now in San Diego. Alex is just one of those people who loves spreading joy. And when she discovered lighted Christmas Balls, she shared LCB with all her friends in California. This is truly the richness and reach of the internet at work and at play. Thank you Alex! Little dots on the image above represent where the most recent 100 visits to our site came from. The most recent visit (the red dot) came from Asheville, NC.