All I Need To Know I learned From A Snowman!

"Christmas In A Can"...I've used this idea many times for different Holidays, but I love it the best for Christmas. There are many different themes you can do. This can has a Snowman Theme! The contents inside are all the ingredients to do Smores, Hot Cocoa and Christmas goodies or candy! Enclosed is a poem that I received from a dear friend a few years ago! "All I Need To Know I learned From A Snowman!" I've also done cans with FHE lessons inside and treats! I always like to include a Christmas Ornament! This cute Snowman is one that Megan Hall painted! (
I get the cans from Paint stores, $2-3.00 per can.
I decorate them with scrapbook paper, ribbon or what ever embellishments you choose to use! I know many of you have seen this idea, but sometimes it helps to have one idea to get to another good idea! :)