Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pics & John Mayer plus Brangelina talk

Jennifer Aniston may marry John Mayer but for how long and will she save his voicemails too?!

Jennifer Aniston's Body is A Wonderland to John Mayer & All Men!

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

Kelly Rowland & Qubeey

Wow, Are these not the coolest pics of John Mayer's 1 year girlfriend - Jennifer Aniston?!
It's cool to see a pic of Jennifer Aniston walking her dogs especially since she was in 'Marley & Me' which was all about their dog!
Will the entire Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina story every die? How many years will
that be a huge topic for Jennifer Aniston to have to live down? I do wonder why
she has to keep voicemails from all her ex's including from Brad Pitt?!

Here's to Jennifer Aniston in all her bikini pics and having fun poolside with John C. Mayer who is on Twitter along with MANY CELEBTWITTERS!