It's Time for Christmas in July!

Greetings fellow Stitchers!

July is upon us, and that means the Featured Stitchers for July have been posted, as well as the new themes for the month. As always, if you have any links for ornament freebies, please sent them my way. Links to finishing tutorials are also appreciated, as are charities to which stitchers can donate ornaments.

I've been working on keeping our blog list updated - there's a few new blogs to check out. If you're not on the Contributor list and would like to be, please send me a link to your personal stitching blog or online stitching album. (Please make sure these blogs and albums contain primarily stitching content.) And each month, contributors are randomly selected from the list to be featured stitchers. By the end of the year, all blog/album owners will be featured.

And on a final administrative note, please remember to label your posts and give credit where credit is due. Labeling helps keep the blog indexed properly so posts can be located quickly. Giving credit to the designer or publisher is extremely important for both free and paid charts. As has been mentioned many, many times, designers work hard to provide great charts to stitch, and it's only fair their creativity and effort is recognized. Please be sure to give proper credit in your posts, and for freebie charts, provide a link back to the designer whenever possible.