Featured Stitchers and New Themes

I'll be away this weekend, so I wanted to get the Featured Stitchers and the new themes up for August.

Check out the blogs and websites of our featured stitchers - this month has a somewhat more diverse selection and features several blogs in non-English languages. (A large percentage of our contributors are English-speaking / writing, but not everyone!) Most, if not all, can be easily translated through Google's Language Tools, so don't let an unfamiliar language stop you. Google will translate an entire website for you, so if you haven't used it yet, it's worth a look.

The themes for August are Bears, Fantasy, Geometrics, and Pets. I've tried to provide a large selection of freebies, but as always, if you know of other sites, be sure to let me know.

And one final reminder: please remember to label your posts / photos with the name of the designer and the title of the design. And if you know the source of the pattern (for example, JCS 2007), please include that as well. Any other information you want to provide (threads, fabrics, etc.) is completely up to you, but it is VERY important to include the designer's name with each photo that is posted. (I know. I harp on this all. the. time.) :-)