When I become a Parent:

I will let my kids do whatever they want.
I will have a whole bunch of puppies.
I will let my kids stay out late, they can come home whenever they want.
I will buy them whatever they want!
I will let my kids have a TV, computer and phone in their room.
They can play whenever they want to.
Good grades won’t matter.
We will go to the Sand Dunes every weekend.
I won’t make my kids go on Family Vacations when they are teenagers!
I will give them a cell phone when they want one!
I will let them watch TV all night.
I will let my kids stay up late every night.

The list goes on and on.......
Just a few perks that my children say they will let their children do when they become parents!
 I wish them the best of luck!
 Happy Mother's Day to everyone!