A Valentines Happy Meal!

Celebrate Valentines in a "Happy Meal" Style!
The Theme of treats are endless!
(I found my box(s) at Target-Dollar Isle)
Here are a few ideas of what you can put inside:

Handmade Candy Pin Cushion
You can find more ideas of my CUPCAKE Pin Cushions HERE!
(Red ceramic dish found at JoAnns-75% off Christmas Clearance)

The cupcake is made with a pair of Valentines socks rolled into a cupcake.  The cupcake is topped with a heart cupcake pick and flower.
(The socks were purchased at Target-Dollar Isle).
The French Fries are made with Pencils and a McDonalds French Fries Sleeve.
The French Fries are from a previous post, you can see the French Fries HERE.

"Valentines From The Heart" Valentines with card on the back for a "Love" note.
Great for everyone!
(A simple wood heart covered with decorative paper, buttons, ribbons and trims)
Do you remember the hearts from Christmas?

I love the RED box, because you can use the "Happy Meal" theme for Christmas, Birthdays,
Mothers Day, Fathers Day, you name it!

(Embellish your Valentines Box with tags, ribbons and trims)
Be resourceful, use what you have.
 Wishing you all a "Happy Day"!
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