Tag Along "On the Go" For Kids!

Who doesn't love these?
Ice Cream Cone Cake...My favorite for kids!
You can find the recipe HERE.

Come along for "On the Go" ideas for kids!
Check out this CUTE project from Amazing Mae!
Super Easy to make and so functional for kids!

You can find the directions HERE:

I want to share with you another "On the Go" for kids.
I made these Activity "Tag along wallets" several months ago.

This one was a custom made project from my etsy shop.

The "Tag Along Wallets" are compact and easy to carry for little hands.
My Talented sister introduced me to Activity Notebooks,
she has made them for her kids.

There are many different versions that can be made, the main concept is:

My little daughter loves to take her "Tag Along Wallet" on the road.

The plastic vinyl is added to keep the crayons from rubbing on the fabric when
the Tag Along Wallet is closed.
The notebooks are placed behind the vinyl pocket.

I also attach the clipboard to the inside pocket with a ribbon.
It keeps the clipboard from getting lost in our travels.
There are so many different variations of pocket sizes to accommodate
your kids treasures, like the electronic gadgets.

This one's for the BOYS!
(Made by Grandma)
Made a lot like the Crayon Roll.
Make several wide pockets for cars and trucks.

If you are new to my blog.
I have featured this Quilt HERE.

Happy Trails To You and your kids!
I'm on the road with my kids.
I will see you all next week!

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