top 15 under $100 - week 17!


I'm already craving spring... that is probably a bad sign as we still have two solid months (or more!) of snow and cold here in Michigan. One of my spring "must haves" this year is a trench... I'm already doing my research! Are you sizing up any spring must-haves yet?


With a new year, like most people I try to get back into a set workout routine. I find that I stay a little more motivated if I buy some new cute workout clothes. Just one or two pieces and it seems to keep me going! Here are some workout clothes I am loving this week!!

I've always loved a white and gold color combo-it has such a luxe vibe. Here are some favorites that look much more expensive than they really are. {P.S.-went a teensy bit over $100 with the necklace choice-but I thought it was worth it!}