Reversible Childrens Apron From Kitchen Towel

When you find adorable dishtowels, it seems fitting to create a
especially when you find one that matches your polka dot cupcakes!
I couldn't resist....especially great for Valentines!

Here is the dishtowel that I found at Marshalls with hot pad included
You have seen the cupcakes in previous posts!
Follow along, I will show you the simple steps of transforming your dishtowel
into a reversible children's apron.

1. My dishtowel measures 18 inches X 28 inches, a perfect size for little girls ages 3-10.
I measure(length) how long I want the apron to fit on my little girl,
I cut straight across the dishtowel(width of dishtowel), save the remaining fabric
2. I like to make all of my aprons reversible, so I have chosen a fabric for the reverse side.
3. Fold Dishtowel and Fabric in half, cut the armholes as shown in the above picture.

Now you have the front and back of your apron, including the band
( You will use your remaining fabric for the band that slips over the head)

4.  My band measures 8 inches X 18 inches. 
The band will vary in size depending on your child's height.
5. Fold the band in half two ways and press.
Sew a top stitch on both sides of band

 Optional: embellish your apron with rick rack.
6. To achieve this step, place apron (front and back) right sides together, place your finished band and
rick rack between the fabrics. (your band will be upside down between the fabrics.)
 Sew along the top of the bodice front. Turn your fabrics.
(sorry, I don't have a picture of this step).
When finished:  You will have a front and back that look like the above pictures.
                         7. Continue with Fabric ties of your choice, you can use ribbon,
 I choose to use Fabric for long lasting durability.
 8. Make your fabric ties the same ways as your band only half the size in width.

      9.  Place and Pin your ties on the front of your apron, right sides together with your reverse fabric.
Your fabric ties will be sandwhiched between the front and back fabrics.
10, Sew completely around your apron, leave the hem/bottom of apron open.
Turn your apron, Hem the bottom of apron, the cutest part of the hem is the eyelet trim that
is the trim on the dishtowel.
You are finished!
For a apron that is not reversible and  easier to make-- you can go here
You can also make a half apron for matching Mother/Daughter aprons.
Let the FUN begin!
Happy Cooking, Crafting and Sewing!