No Boys allowed

I love my boys, I treasure my boys, don't get me wrong.
One thing I've learned, my sewing room/craft room doesn't jive with my boys curiosity!

The sewing machine has a motor, that's intriguing!
 My glue gun works great on RC car repairs.
I always buy "PINK" sewing and crafting tools
 thinking that will distract their desires.
Not a chance, they don't care.
The gingher scissors work great everywhere!
Next, the rotary cutter, now that is an awesome tool to a teenage boy.
They like to test it out on my ribbon and fabric!
My gingher scissors, they should have those available in the Tool isle for men!
My boys think my ginger scissors work great for cutting wire, rope, 4-H projects,
you name it-nothing works like Mom's sewing scissors!

So, I hide the scissors, I hide them from myself!
I don't get into their tools, why do they get into mine?
Just curious, does this happen at your house?
 I found my ginger scissors on the driveway! 
The glue gun was in my sons room.
I need a lock and a sign!
Boys keep life exciting!
What would I do without them?

PS. Don't forget to link up your projects, you know, the ones you've used with
all of your fancy crafting tools!
See post below!
A Happy Valentines Prize is coming your way!