Terrific Toile!

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Here are three ideas for Toile! Enjoy!

Add fun flavor to a wire-framed ice cream parlor chair with toile in fuchsia and white. Add trim around the edges for a finished look.

Bon Appetit, Embellish glass plates with tinted toile patterns to create your own special dinnerware. First, make a color photocopy of a toile pattern in red. Then copy the toile design in mirror image onto transfer paper made for glass. Apply the transfer to the back of the plate, conforming it to the plate's curves with a hair dryer. Bake the plate in the oven to adhere the image to the glass. Remember to not submerge the finished plate in water and always was the front by hand.

Toile Tuffet, Fashion colorful furnishings for the feet by embellishing a do-it-yourself footstool kit with colorful toile. With a yellow background, this toile's accents of red, green, pink and blue add colorful country charm to your decor! Enhance the colors with a complementary checked skirt and upholstered button to create a warm harmony of hues. The following pictures are from Pretty Organized!You will love her blog!