Sew What's New?

New Spring and Summer Bags have arrived to my etsy shop! Welcome bright and vibrant colors with 4-5 coordianting fabrics in every bag! Along with Minnie Mouse and a lot of good cheer and FUN!

Cheers to all of you who visit my shop, send words of encouragement, and own one of my handmade bags! It's the wonderful feedback and smiles that keeps the sewing machine running strong!
I have really enjoyed etsy. It allows me the freedom of creative expression, but most of all I can work around my kids schedules! I do have more time to create now that my last one of six is in school. I have stayed at home with my children and feel blessed that I have been able to do that. It is a new season for me with mixed emotions of missing my little ones under my feet.
It took me a long time to get use to a quiet home for three hours. I didn't know if I would be able to focus, which sounds strange- I know.
I started doing etsy just for fun, mostly to see where it leads. I have loved creating for you and meeting all of you! It has led me to a strong desire to design more creations and pursue other adventures, which I am working on! Thank you! Stay tuned for more creations coming soon!
Have a happy creative day! Make your Monday HERE!