Christmas gift ideas for men

Wondering what to get that special man in your life? You don't need to go to the shopping mall or go online for ideas. You most likely have everything you need already. All it takes is a little bit of imagination to make this the Christmas he'll never forget. Make a Gift Certificate for him and wrap it in a large box. Place something strong in it like a large cooking pot as well as some bells or balls rolling around, possibly even some wrinkled up cellophane. Tease him mercilessly before Christmas about your gift to him. ANTICIPATION IS EVERYTHING! You could put a new bottle of his choice aftershave or fragrance, some new underwear or a negligee in it. (Optional) Wrap it nicely with hankie paper and spray with your signature cologne before X-Mas Wrapping.

Schedule a time for his facial remedy when you will be solitary. Dim the light, light some candles and put on some relaxing song you both enjoy. Draw him into the bedroom and have him lie down on the bed face up with a pillow or two under his knees. Place another one under his creation sheltered with a bath wipe. Cover him with a snug blanket and sit down behind him with a small board next to you where you have assembled your jars and bottles and large bowl. Have some hot water already in the bowl with a few drops of lavender in for the aromatherapy. Dip your hands into the bowl then place on moreover piece of his temples and gently over his ears for a miniature or two before beginning his therapy.

Don't discuss during your therapy, let your hands converse. To eradicate cleansers, marinate hand wipe in hot water you have laced with Eucalyptus or Rosemary Oil. Wrap it around his face from the chin to each fringe of the temple. Press your hands on the wipe to steam his face. After scrubbing with a mixture of Baker's sugar and your filter, duplicate the exclusion process. By this time your man will be genuinely relaxed.