Note to all bloggers....... (updated 18 Dec)

Blogger seems to be having trouble accepting beta bloggers to the SAL blog. I checked the settings and there's nothing I can see that I can change. I had an invite to upgrade to beta a couple of days ago but it's vanished now! Hang on to your invites. Hopefully it'll be sorted before we start!

Edited to add: I got my invite again so upgraded quick before it vanished! You should be able to join. Non-beta bloggers may not be able to comment right now though! LOL One thing or another....

Edited again to add: Blogger seems to have dumped all the invites. I've resent some of them but a lot of the comments on Plush are now showing as anonymous so I can't remember who you all are! If you need a new invite - email me. We have a month before we start so if you're having trouble and you're not on beta yet, hang on.

And again: If you're having trouble ugrading to beta it may be this blog as we've got beta and non-beta members now. I can remove you from the members list and send you a new invite so you can rejoin when you're on beta. Same if you're on beta but on here with a second, non-beta name. I can delete you and re-invite you (so you can join with your beta profile) if you want!

18 Dec: Several people who joined before I upgraded said their membership was greyed out. None of you were showing properly on my profile as being members so I've deleted all the pre-upgrade memberships and I've sent new invites! Please rejoin! I'm sorry about this......

This is SO complicated! We thought a blog would be easy for everyone! LOL!